To prepare our orange cake, first put the butter in a bowl. Leave it for half an hour at room temperature to make it soft. Then, add the sugar mixing everything, preferably with a wooden spoon or electric whisk, vigorously to obtain a soft and frothy cream.

Incorporate the egg yolks, the orange zest, the flour previously sifted together with the cornstarch and, lastly, the yeast mixed with 3 tablespoons of orange juice. Mix everything well until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.

Whip the egg whites in a bowl until stiff adding a pinch of salt and incorporate them into the mixture, stirring from the bottom upwards so as not to dismantle them.

Pour everything into the mold making it settle well and cook it for about half an hour in a preheated oven at 160°C; let our orange cake cool on a wire rack.

Prepare the custard by heating the milk with a piece of orange zest. Assemble in a bowl, with a wooden spoon or electric whisk, the egg yolks together with the sugar to obtain a white and smooth cream.

Then add the sifted cornstarch and hot milk, preferably filtered, and mix quickly. Cook the cream over low heat, stirring constantly with a whisk.

When it begins to thicken, then to boil, remove it from the heat and pour it into a bowl to cool.  Let’s remember to mix it from time to time.

Divide the cake into two discs and brush what will be the base with 3-4 tablespoons of orange juice, then spread the jam and finally cover with the custard. Place the second disc on the filling, which has already been brushed with more orange juice.

Wash the oranges well, dry them and cut them into thin slices.

Simmer the sugar with 2 tablespoons of water in a pan, adding some orange liquor to taste.

You will thus obtain a fluid and clear syrup in which you will put the orange slices that you will turn carefully several times. Caramelize them until the liquid has been absorbed.

Finally, arrange the orange slices on our cake and let it cool before serving.