First of all to prepare the cordon bleu, we take the chicken breast, remove the fat parts and cut it in half. We then take one half and make a small cut on the side to form a sort of pocket leaving three of the four sides together.

Then take a slice of ham, place a piece of Gruyere on top and roll it up to wrap the cheese. Then put the filling inside the pocket and close the chicken on itself. We repeat the same procedure for the other half as well. We take two bowls, in one we put the breadcrumbs and in the other we beat the eggs with the salt.

Pass the chicken in the egg, making sure to cover it completely, and finally pass it in the breadcrumbs making it adhere very well and evenly. When we pass it in the breadcrumbs we keep the ends of the pocket tightly closed so as not to let all the filling out. We can also seal the meat with toothpicks.

We take a large pan where we will bring the oil to a temperature between 165 ° C and 170 ° C, fry one cordon bleu at a time for about 5 minutes on each side, it should come out golden brown.

Then drain the blue cordon and place it on some sheets of absorbent paper to dry the excess oil. Our cordone bleu is now ready to be served.

If the taste of Gruyere is too strong, replace it with some stringy cheese that is not watery like mozzarella.

Keep the cordon bleu:

The cordon bleu should be consumed immediately to enjoy the crunchiness of the breading and the stringy filling. Freezing is not recommended