First of all, to prepare our delicious sangria we dedicate ourselves to fruit. Wash the apples well and without peeling them cut them into thin strips and again into small cubes, do the same procedure with the peaches.

We then squeeze a lemon and an orange. Without removing the peel, cut half of the oranges into thin slices and the other half into squares which are also quite small, then take the lemons and do the same thing.

Pour the apple and peach cubes into a large bowl, add the lemon and orange juices, diced or sliced ​​oranges and lemons. We add the red wine, sugar and mix everything carefully.

At this point we prepare the spices. With a small knife with a thin tip we go to incise the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds inside, then add both to the sangria.

In a tea infuser we insert both the cinnamon sticks and the cloves, in this way it will be easier to remove them, then insert them inside the bowl. Finally, add the cognac and mix everything very well, cover the bowl with cling film and leave it in the refrigerator for a whole night. Doing so will disperse all the flavors evenly.

After the night we resume the sangria and remove the vanilla bean and the tea infuser with all the spices inside. At this point, add the gazzosa and ice, mix and our sangria will be ready to be served.

How to store sangria:

We can keep the sangria in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Useful tips:

If you prefer a slightly less sweet sangria, you can replace the gazzosa with soda. You can also add any fruit you want, it should not be too ripe to prevent it from crushing. To obtain a good sangria it will have to macerate for at least 3 hours.