To prepare the pancetta pappardelle we follow the recipe for homemade pasta. After having obtained the pappardelle from the pastry, spread them out on a floured cloth to dry them.

Meanwhile, cut the bacon into cubes; then take a pan, preferably non-stick and fry the bacon for 3-4 minutes without adding any seasoning. Remove the pan from the heat and dry the fat released by the bacon with absorbent paper.

At this point, add the oil, the crushed clove of garlic and let it flavor for a few minutes.

Take a large bowl and fill it with boiling water to heat it up. Meanwhile, heat the cream in a bain marie. Remove the water from the bowl and, after drying it quickly, add the egg yolks and mix with a fork. We also add the lukewarm cream slowly while continuing to mix. At this point we put half of the grated parmesan and finally add salt and pepper.

In a large pot, boil plenty of salted water to cook our pappardelle. A few minutes after boiling, and after having tasted them for perfect cooking, drain them leaving them a little moist; let’s immediately put them in the bowl and mix well; in doing so the pasta will lightly cook the cream of eggs and cream.

At this point, add the browned pancetta to the pappardelle after removing the garlic clove; sprinkle with the remaining grated parmesan and season with pepper. We mix well and immediately serve our pappardelle with pancetta.