Let’s start preparing our homemade pasta by sifting the flour on a pastry board. After having set aside a few handfuls, we form with the rest a fountain that is a small dome with a small crater in the center.

Then put the salt first in the hole and then one egg at a time, making it mix well with the flour with the help of a fork.

We then begin to work the dough with our hands, gradually incorporating the flour we had set aside. We work everything with both hands for about 10 minutes until a consistent dough is obtained.

At this point, the dough should be firm and smooth; then form a dough that we will flour before putting it aside for about half an hour to rest.

We take a small amount of dough at a time and begin to flatten it by obtaining a thin sheet with the help of a floured rolling pin or the special pasta machine. Cover the sheets with a cloth and let them rest for about ten minutes.

We can now obtain the pasta format we prefer from the sheets: tagliatelle, tagliolini, etc.

Finally, put the flour on a cloth and then the well-spread dough to dry it.