To prepare our balsamic rosemary sauce, heat the oil with the garlic divided in half in a pan over a very low flame.

When the garlic begins to brown and perfume, remove it and add the finely chopped rosemary. Let it flavor for about a minute and add the balsamic vinegar and a few drops of tabasco to give our sauce a slightly spicy flavor.

Salt, mix everything and remove the sauce from the heat. At this point, our vinegar sauce is ready to be served.

Vinegar sauce: curiosities about rosemary:

In the past, rosemary was also known with the name of rosy.

It is an evergreen wild shrub that grows especially along the coasts, but it can also grow in pots.

Its woody twigs are covered with linear leaves which, especially in summer, release a very pleasant, slightly bitter scent.

Rosemary has a particular affinity with garlic and sage, and it’s often used to flavor roasts, grilled meats, fish dishes and legume soups.

It is recommended to use it in limited quantities, because in cooking it can take a vague scent that is not always pleasant and never dry, because it would lose almost all its aromatic characteristics.