First of all, to prepare the tortelli with butter and sage, we prepare the pumpkin. Remove the seeds from the pumpkin, cut it into three pieces and cook it in the oven at 180 ° for about an hour and a half. The pulp must cook and dry but never dry, if this happens we cover the pumpkin with aluminum foil.

When the pumpkin is cooked, remove the peel, pass it through a fine-mesh vegetable mill and collect the pulp in a bowl.

Then combine the macaroons with half the parmesan and tie everything with the egg. Let’s go up, sprinkle with a generous grating of nutmeg and mix everything well. The mixture must be very dry otherwise we can add one or two spoonfuls of breadcrumbs.

We then take the dough, after letting it rest for about twenty minutes. To prepare the dough you can follow the recipe on our website. Take a piece of dough and stretch it into a thin sheet, on one half we will distribute the filling, using the sac à-poche, forming balls the size of a walnut. We close, then, with the other half and with our fingers squeeze around the filling; with the toothed wheel we obtain the square-shaped tortelli. As soon as they are ready, sprinkle them on a cloth sprinkled with flour to prevent them from sticking.

Now prepare the dressing by chopping 2 sage leaves and letting them boil with the broth for a few minutes, the broth must be reduced by half. To prepare the sauce, you can follow the recipe on our website, changing the water with the broth.

We boil the tortelli with butter and sage in abundant boiling water, previously salted, for about 5 minutes. Drain them and place them in layers in the serving dish, seasoning each layer with the remaining parmesan and the butter and sage sauce. Let the ravioli with butter and sage rest for a few minutes before serving.