To prepare this special strawberry spumone, line a one-liter plum cake mold with plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.

We wash and dry the strawberries with the stalk that we will remove before cutting them into small pieces. So let’s put them in a bowl. Add the egg white and whip it with the electric whisk together with the strawberries. Better to tilt the bowl to help the mixture incorporate air.

When the strawberries are pulped and the egg white is well whipped, sift the icing sugar onto the mixture and continue to mix with whips to mix everything well.

At this point we take a large bowl, which we will have kept in the refrigerator, and put the whipped cream, the vanilla seeds, the grated zest and the lemon juice. We mix everything gently.

Take a few spoonfuls of strawberry mousse and put them on the whipped cream. Let’s try to incorporate the two compounds well with the help of a large spatula, mixing from bottom to top. We gradually add all the mixture.

Finally, pour the strawberry spumone into the mold and try to make it settle well by tapping on the work surface. Let’s keep it in the freezer for 4 or 5 hours.

Just before serving, turn the mold upside down on a serving dish; we lift the mold and peel off the film very gently. We use the thin slices of strawberries to garnish the spumone.

Useful tips for preparing strawberry spumone:

Strawberries must be washed carefully, but very quickly. The stalk is always removed after washing and drying them.

If you use whipping cream, the bowl must first be kept in the refrigerator. It must also be a large bowl as the whipping cream doubles its volume.