Let’s start preparing this delicious dessert by quickly washing the strawberries still with the stalk. This is so that they don’t get watered down inside. Dry them very well and, after removing the stalk, divide them in half or cut them into slices if they are too large. If they are small, however, we can leave them whole.

So let’s put them all in a bowl, sprinkle them with vinegar, sprinkle them with a spoonful of sugar. Mix them gently and let them rest for about half an hour.

Meanwhile, pour the yogurt into another bowl, add the remaining sugar, dilute with the milk and, to flavor, add the grated zest and lemon juice. We mix everything well.

At this point, keeping a few strawberries aside, divide the others into four bowls. Then pour the yogurt, decorate with the strawberries kept aside and some lemon zest fillets and put the cups in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Our strawberries with yogurt are ready to be tasted. We recommend sprinkling the strawberries with apple cider vinegar to enhance their flavor.