As a first step to prepare our spring rolls, insert the rice sheets inside the openings of three previously wet and folded tea towels; let them rest to soften them for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, take a pan and heat the extra virgin olive oil, then add the chicken to brown it evenly. Then add the carrot, spring onions and ginger, mix everything and let it dry over low heat.

We combine the previously squeezed and chopped mushrooms, the chopped shrimps and the washed and drained soybean sprouts.  Then sprinkle everything with the soy sauce, add the sugar, a pinch of ground pepper, season with salt and let it cook for about 5 minutes over medium heat.

Add the cornstarch, previously dissolved in two tablespoons of cold water, mix well and let it rest; then put everything in a bowl.

At this point we take a sheet of squeezed rice, brush the surface with a little egg white and on one extremity, leaving the edge free, put a spoonful of filling.  Then fold the free edge over the filling trying to cover it completely, then bring the side flaps towards the center, brush with egg white and roll up into rolls.

Fry the spring rolls in a pan with plenty of peanut oil, serve them hot accompanied with soy sauce diluted with water or vegetable broth obtained by adding a few slices of ginger root.