Let’s start preparing these delicious sole with mushrooms by cleaning the mushrooms; let’s slice them finely and salt them lightly. Take a pan and add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and garlic, then add the mushrooms and let them brown. They will be cooked when all the vegetation water has evaporated.

At this point, remove the garlic and add the previously chopped black olives to the mushrooms, half the parsley and a little lemon juice; mix everything well and remove from the heat.
Cut the sole fillets into finger-wide strips and flour them. We take a large pan in which we heat the remaining oil and quickly brown our fillets.

Put the pan with the mushrooms back on the heat and transfer the sole, sprinkle with a little fish stock or a little vegetable broth, add a little pepper and let it all season for a few minutes. When cooked, add the remaining parsley and serve hot.