To prepare our delicious semifreddo whit zabaglione, we start by separating the egg yolks from the white. Set aside half an eggshell that we will use later as a measuring cup. Take a thick-bottomed casserole and after having poured the egg yolks, whip them together with the sugar until you get a white and foamy cream.

Then add the marsala and water. We cook the zabaglione continuing to mix carefully over low heat. We try to incorporate as much air as possible by beating the cream continuously and vigorously with a whisk.

After 6-7 minutes of cooking during which every now and then we will lift the saucepan from the flame, without ever stopping to stir, our zabaglione will be ready. We will notice it when, by gently lifting and moving the whisk, the dripping thread will leave its mark on the cream.

At this point, to make it cool quickly, pour the zabaglione into a bowl and immerse it in a container with water and ice. We mix in the first minute with the whisk continuously and vigorously; then continue to mix more slowly until it is completely cold.

Then add the zabaglione to the whipped cream, stirring with a spatula from the bottom upwards to keep it from being disassembled. We then pour everything into a mold, then cover it with a film and put it in the freezer for about 3-4 hours.

Finally, we turn out our semifreddo whit zabaglione 10 minutes before serving, to just make it soften. Cut it into slices and decorate it with the chopped marrons glacès, candied violets and cream. Using the half shell as a measuring cup we can calculate the right amount of liquid in relation to the thickness of the eggs.

You can serve the zabaglione, without cream, hot or cold in a cup enriched with a pour of melted chocolate to accompany dry biscuits or cooked fruit such as apples or pears.