Let’s start preparing this rice sauteed with vegetables by cooking the basic risotto by softening a small chopped shallot with half the butter over a low flame; add the rice and let it toast for 1-2 minutes, then proceed by wetting with the wine and letting it evaporate.

Then add a ladle of broth each time the previous one has been absorbed and towards half cooking add the saffron dissolved in a ladle of broth; let’s adjust, therefore, with salt.
When the risotto is cooked al dente, add the remaining butter and the cheese to make it cream; let it rest for a few minutes before putting it, well spread, on a plate to cool.

At this point we begin to clean and wash the vegetables. Cut the carrots and green beans into small pieces and boil them, better separately, in salted water for about 5 minutes before draining them.
We also prepare the leek and the spring onion by removing the green parts and slicing them finely; cut the courgettes and radishes into slices into four parts.

In a large pan, heat half of the oil to fry the garlic clove, after peeling and lightly crushing it, together with the leek and spring onion. We sauté everything for a couple of minutes on a high flame before adding all the other vegetables except the radishes.

Let’s cook for about ten minutes, stirring often and adjusting with salt halfway through cooking; add, just a few minutes before turning off, the radishes. Finally, lightly pepper and cover the pan to keep the vegetables warm.

We take another large pan and heat the remaining oil before adding all the risotto that we will distribute and flatten, with the help of a spatula, on the bottom of the pan evenly.

Let it cook for 7-8 minutes and then, like an omelette, turn it over with the help of a moistened lid. We must be very careful not to risk ruining the rice cake. Let it, therefore, also brown on the other side.

At this point we just have to divide it into 4 portions that we will put on hot plates. We arrange the vegetables around the rice and serve our sauteed rice with vegetables.