Let’s start preparing this tasty leek and speck risotto by cutting the leeks into julienne strips. So let’s take a pan and let them braise.

In a saucepan, put a little extra virgin olive oil and toast the rice, add a little vegetable broth and half of the braised leek. We mix gently, cover with a lid and leave to cook over low heat.

Cut the speck into thin strips. Then take a pan and add a little extra virgin olive oil, a knob of butter and speck. Let’s make it soften.

In the meantime, continue cooking the rice by adding a ladle of broth after the previous one has completely absorbed.

When the rice has reached the desired cooking, add the speck, the remaining leek, the cheese, a knob of butter and pepper to taste. We mix everything together into a creamy conistency and serve our risotto with leeks and speck hot.