To prepare this delicious risotto with gorgonzola, pears and walnuts, first of all we have to prepare the vegetable broth. Then coarsely chop the walnuts and thinly the shallot, and then let it dry in a pan with 30g of butter.

At this point, add the rice that we will toast just a few minutes, then pour the white wine and let it evaporate.

As the rice becomes drier, add a ladle of broth at a time, until the rice is completely cooked, for 15 minutes.

While the rice is cooking, peel the pears, remove the seeds and cut them into cubes; so, blend one of the two pears in the mixer. Remove the crust from the gorgonzola and cut it into cubes.

Add the diced gorgonzola, diced pear and pureed pear to the risotto, 5 minutes before the end of cooking. Then, turn off the heat, season with the addition of grated parmesan and stir in the remaining 20g of butter.

The dish is now ready to be served, possibly garnished with the chopped walnuts and the pear slices.

Useful tips for gorgonzola, pear and walnut risotto

If the flavor of spicy gorgonzola is too strong, it can be replaced with sweet gorgonzola: it will still be delicious.