First of all, to prepare the ribs with mint butter, mix well with the soft butter, the previously finely chopped mint, the lemon juice, the salt and finally the pepper. So let’s mix everything.

Along the edge of the ribs we make a horizontal cut trying to form a pocket in which we are going to insert a little mint butter. We then place our slices of meat in a bowl and let them rest covered for about 1 hour in the refrigerator.

After an hour, cook the ribs with mint butter on both sides on a grill or on a very hot grill pan. Then, transfer them to a pan where we have melted the remaining part of the mint butter.

Salt them and sprinkle them with a little broth, about 3 tablespoons, and continue cooking for another minutes.

Our cutlets with mint butter are ready to serve hot.

Herb-flavored butter is a tasty condiment that goes perfectly with all types of meat, preferably grilled. To prepare the butter, season it with your favorite herbs, form a cylinder and store it in aluminum foil to cool it in the refrigerator. Then cut it into slices and lay it on the hot meat.