First of all, to prepare the melon pudding with Kiwi sauce, soak the gelatin in plenty of cold water.

In a container we put the melon pulp with 50 g of icing sugar and whisk everything until a homogeneous cream is obtained. Then bring the cream into a saucepan and let it almost boil. Then add the well-squeezed gelatin and, mixing well, let it dissolve completely.

Pour the pudding into small individual forms and store them in the refrigerator for about 5 hours.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce by peeling the kiwis and passing them through a vegetable mill. Then season them with the lemon juice and the other part of the icing sugar.

After 5 hours, take the molds from the refrigerator and quickly immerse the bottom in boiling water. Then turn out the puddings on dessert plates and add the kiwi sauce.

The Kiwi sauce can be replaced by strawberries, raspberries or other fruit of your choice to be prepared in the same way. It is important that the melon and kiwis are ripe at the right point, the sweeter they are, the more they guarantee the good yield of the pudding and sauce.
You can also, after cooking, flavor the melon cream with a spoon or two of liqueur or Muscat wine to taste.