First of all, to prepare the mayonnaise sauce, take a bowl in which to pour the boiling vinegar, egg yolk and a pinch of salt.

Then mix with a wooden spoon or a small whisk for about a minute or in any case until a bound and lightly whipped cream forms.

At this point, and not before, we add the oil; to make it well incorporate into the sauce we start with a few drops and continue adding it slowly without ever stopping mixing and always in the same direction.

Adding oil for a good mayonnaise sauce is very important, as the slower we add it, the more consistent the sauce will be.

When we have finished incorporating all the oil, add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice in which we have previously dissolved two pinches of salt.

At this point, sprinkle with the ground white pepper and, after mixing delicately, let the mayonnaise sauce rest for about ten minutes at room temperature.

Let’s taste, then, to check if it is appropriate to add a few more drops of lemon juice.

Useful tips

If you do not want to use the wooden spoon or a small whisk to emulsify the mayonnaise sauce, you can use the hand blender following the same instructions.

If you want to prepare a lighter mayonnaise sauce, you can use the whole egg; the sauce obtained is good even if it tastes different from that obtained only with egg yolk.

If you want to prepare a tastier mayonnaise you can also add mustard. In this case, we advise you to add it immediately to the egg yolk, thus you will have the advantage of making the sauce whip more quickly.

Useful rules for not making mayonnaise sauce curdle
Eggs and lemon juice must be kept at room temperature;

The yolks must not have any trace of albumen;

Always work the cream with the same rhythm and in the same direction;

Mayonnaise can curdle because you added too much oil at the beginning or you used an oil that was too strong and full-bodied (it is therefore better to use a light olive oil or seeds);