Let’s start preparing linguine with anchovy sauce. Let the tomatoes drain in a sieve for about 10 minutes. We wash and dry the capers well and chop almost all the olives. We set aside a few whole olives for garnish.

Take a large pan and add a tablespoon of oil, the chopped chilli and garlic. Remove the garlic when it is golden and add the anchovy fillets. Let’s undo them by gently squeezing them with a wooden spoon over a very low flame, so as not to burn everything.

At this point, add the capers and chopped olives and let the sauce flavor for a couple of minutes. Then add the tomatoes and cook for about another 7-8 minutes. Finally, we season with the remaining oil.

Meanwhile, cook the linguine in plenty of salted water and drain it al dente. First, sprinkle them with pecorino and then with the hot sauce.

Add the chopped parsley and bring our linguine with anchovy sauce to the table.