First of all, to prepare the grilled steaks, prepare the marinade by mixing all the ingredients of the marinade in a bowl.

We then place the steaks in a deep dish and cover them with the marinade; let them flavor for about 30 minutes at room temperature.

At this point we oil the barbecue grill, heat it and place it at about 8 – 10 cm from the embers which must be very hot.

Drain the steaks from the marinade and cook them on the grill for about 4 minutes per side if you prefer them rare or for 6 minutes if you prefer them more cooked. Let’s remove them from the barbecue and salt them.

The rib of beef is the ideal cut to cook on the grill; it must be at least 5 cm high and weigh not less than 500 g. If the weight is close to the kilo it will be enough for 3 – 4 people.

The grilled steaks are ready to be serve