Let’s start preparing this delicious fruit wine by carefully washing the orange and lemon. Let’s divide them, therefore, in half in a transversal sense; squeeze half an orange and half a lemon and cut the other two halves into thin slices.

We peel the half apple and the peach and divide the apricots in half; remove the cores and stones from the fruit and cut the pulp into small pieces. put all the fruit in a large jug, add the brandy or cognac, orange and lemon juice, cinnamon, mint, sugar or sugar syrup and mix everything well.

At this point, pour the wine over the prepared fruit and place the covered jug in the refrigerator; we must leave the fruit to macerate in wine for at least 3 – 4 hours. We then remove the carafe from the refrigerator and filter the wine into a large bowl; in this way we eliminate the macerated fruit. Add the ice cubes, the citrus slices and the mint leaves.

We take the slices of citrus fruit (for decoration) and we stick some cloves in the white part of the peel; we also put these in the cup with the wine.
Our excellent, tasty, fragrant, summer fruit wine is ready.