As a first step to prepare our delicious fricassee burger, let’s soak the slices of toast in a little milk and then squeeze them.

Mix the minced meat, the loaf bread, the parmesan, a pinch of grated nutmeg, salt and pepper in a bowl. When our mixture is ready, prepare 4 burgers that are not very thick but quite wide.

Then, flour the burgers and brown them on both sides for a few minutes, preferably in a non-stick pan.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat the eggs; add the lemon juice and white wine. Season with salt and pepper and mix everything well.

When cooked, transfer the burgers to a serving dish and, to keep the heat inside, cover them well with aluminum foil.

At this point, dab the cooking juices with absorbent paper, then add the remaining oil and pour in the eggs. Let it cook over low heat, stirring constantly; we will thus obtain a creamy sauce.

Finally, pour it over the fricassee burger, add the chopped parsley and serve them hot.