Pinot grigio is a dry white wine. In Italy it is mainly produced in large areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Veneto, in Lombardy and in Alto Adige from pinot grigio grapes. It is also produced in Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Germany.

It most likely derives from a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir and is of French origin. The aroma and taste of this wine differs according to the area of ​​production.

If the vines are found in places with a constant and cold climate, we will have a Pinot Grigio with an excellent body and structure, with a velvety and soft flavor, with an aroma of vegetables, flowers and fruit; if we are talking about vines that are found in places where the climate is characterized by considerable temperature variations, we will have a pinot grigio with a remarkably fruity flavor and notable body.

Its color varies from straw yellow to amber-copper, it has a delicate, pleasantly fruity aroma, a dry flavor.

Pinot grigio, excellent as an aperitif, can accompany a fish appetizer and dishes such as soups, boiled of meat and poultry, fish with sauces and pork-based main courses.

It is tasted at cool temperatures around 10-12 ° C.